Entry #4

You know what's really irritating?

2010-07-31 18:02:32 by SayYourGoodbyes

When school assigns summer reading.

So far, I've had to read Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and Ishmael by Daniel Quinn.

THEY BOTH SUCKED. (even though Jane Eyre sucked less).

Not only that, but I still have to write a 3+ page essay on Ishmael. Then, I have to read Looking Backward 2000-1887 by Edward Bellamy AND write another 3+ page essay.

I barely have enough time to draw now.

/pointless bitching

EDIT: from now on, find me on this account.


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2010-07-31 18:20:08

Man, that sucks. I only have to write one page reports on my two books.

SayYourGoodbyes responds:

And what grade are you in?


2010-07-31 18:37:46

Gad damn, I got one to and has done nothing the hole Summer.
And my summers almost over

SayYourGoodbyes responds:

Might wanna start?
My summer's over August 23rd


2010-07-31 19:17:22

ha! do what i do just look the book up online then copy the essays that people wrote about it and then your done in no time!

SayYourGoodbyes responds:

Except that would be cheating


2010-07-31 22:56:37

I've never done a project for the summer.

SayYourGoodbyes responds:

Are you in on level classes?


2010-08-01 02:57:50

I'm going into ninth grade. It's for Honors English.

SayYourGoodbyes responds:

That explains it


2010-08-01 16:14:54

Level classes?

SayYourGoodbyes responds:

Y'know, on level, honors, or AP


2010-08-03 11:01:41

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SayYourGoodbyes responds:



2010-08-06 02:05:45

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2010-08-07 00:25:12

I have to read ishmael too

fucking stuff


2010-08-07 01:55:27

Dammit. Summer's no time for that.


2011-01-02 14:11:46

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